Eco-friendly production

Always sensitive to the eco-friendly production policies, Vignola tannery joins the DISTRETTO CONCIARIO SOLOFRA (SOLOFRA TANNING DISTRICT) project, an initiative promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Avellino that locates and binds under a high quality brand, the eco-green-oriented companies present in the tanning center of Solofra.
The production cycle is looked after in every single detail in order to minimize the environmental impact, thanks to new experimentations, according to the principle of continuous improvement. In particular, our company specializes in vegetable tanning.

his type of processing allows to obtain products free of toxic substances harmful to humans and the environment, AVOIDING SYNTHETIC MATERIALS and HEAVY METALS. Even our White Tanning is realized on the base of a Metal Free logic, by replacing Chromium with organic agents. This way we can lend the leather a sensation of naturaleness which is also characterized by high softness. The absence of metals in the tanning agent also allows to improve the quality of wastewater, as well as minimize the CO2 emissions in terms of energy used, due to the shorter duration of the process itself.

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